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Textile Motors

Operation :

Under no power conditions to the motor the brake armature coil mounted on non-driving end endshield get energized with separate 24/190 Volts D.C. Supply, supplied through NO/NC contact of a contractor, hence the armature attracts the disc mounted on rotor shaft prevents rotor shaft rotation. As soon as the supply to the motor is switched on the supply to the armature disc is disconnected. This action results in releasing of the armature disc allowing the rotor to rotate freely. When breakage of thread takes place during weaving, in a high speed loom, the supply to the motor is immediately disconnected. As soon as the power to the motor is disconnected the armature coil get energized which instantly attracts armature disc overcoming the spring force resulting almost instantaneous stopping of rotor thus fail safe condition is ensured.

Special Features :
  • Being simple and rugged-in construction these motors need very little maintenance. In the rare event of failure, repair is simple and easy.

  • Special brake liner is used, which ensures that, the braking torque value remains quite stable throughout the use. Compensation for liner wear is easily done by decreasing the distance between armature by removing the spacers provided on rotor shaft. The design of loom brake motor facilitates a very easy replacement of armature disc and brake liner assembly.

Applications :-
Textile Machinery Power Looms Process House
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