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Brake motors,Crane motors & Hoist motors & Hoist motors

Note :

Motors with other voltage & frequency and higher ambient temperatures (> 400 C) and suited for wider power supply variations can also be given.

Construction: -
A Brake Motor is an integral combination of an A.C. induction motor and a disc type, fail safe, electromagnetic brake unit. These motors are foot, flange or face mounted or combination of any two. Dimensions are of squirrel cage types are as per IS: 1231 (for foot mounting), IS: 2223 (for flange mounting), IS: 2253 (For Face Mounting) and enclosure is either totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) or Totally enclosed surface cool (TESC) with degree of protection IP54, IP55 as per IS: 4691.

It consists of the following:-
  1. A.C. High Starting Torque Sq. Cage Induction Motor.
  2. A.C. or D.C. fail safe brake mounted on the non-driving end Endshield.

Operation :-
Under no power condition Brake springs keep the Brake liner which is made out of cork material, pressed against stationery disc of the Brake. This brake liners are mounted on a disc engaged with a square block or a geared pinion, mounted on the shaft, thereby prevents rotor shaft rotation. When power is switched on, the brake coil gets energized. It instantly attracts armature disc by overcoming the spring force. This action results in releasing of the brake allowing the rotor to rotate freely.

Special Features :
  • Being simple and rugged-in construction, these motors need very little maintenance. In the rare event of failure, repair is simple and easy.

  • No separate supply is necessary for brake coil energisation; because the brake coil/s is/are working on A.C. or on D.C. and their supply leads are directly connected to the motor terminals. In case of D.C. Fail safe brake armature coil is energized through rectifier unit which converts A.C. supply in to require D.C. supply.

  • Special brake liner is used, which ensures that, the braking torque Value remains quite stable throughout the use. Compensation for liner wear is easily done by increasing the spring tension and adjusting the air gap. The design of brake motor facilitates a very easy replacement of armature disc and brake liner assembly.

  • For crane and hoist duty applications Brake Motors are offered with special rotors. These rotors are specially suited for S3 and S4 duty normally encountered in hoist and crane applications.
Inquiry Details: -
When placing an enquiry kindly furnish the following information:
  • Application details.
  • Motor Output and speed
  • Duty Cycle (CDF) with number of starts/stops per hour.
  • Ambient temperature and special environmental factors likely to affect the motor, if any.
  • Method of Mounting.
  • Load GD2 referred to motor shaft.
  • Braking torque required.
  • Maximum permissible stopping time.
  • Any other special features required.

Applications :-

Brake Motors are used for numerous applications. A few of them are listed below :

Textile Machinery Machine Tools Printing Machines
Cranes and hoists Material Handling Equipments Leather Processing Machines
Cable Reeling Drums Lifts & Rolling Mills Paper Industry
Sluices & Valve Operation

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